AMG Brembo 6 Pistons Caliper Material Kit (BMW E9XM3 Retrofit)

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BBK retrofit for E9X M3

E9x M3 platform is overall great car. But with every greatness, it's not always perfect. One weakness especially if you track your E9x M3 is the braking system!
So i started looking for good BBK brands and there's plenty of name brake brands are available, like:

AP racing

Price varries ranging from $4,500 -$12,000!! Holy smoke!!!  But the cheapest option is Stoptech ST60 which still expensive for average owner like me.

Also, if you buy from these brands, you will be forever with them to buy thier consumables, pads and rotors which are very expensive especially when you go to the track often.

So, with my 25 years day job experience as Mechanical Engineer,  Aerospace QC Manager and Machine Shop Supervisor, and car guy for life, why make my own BBK? I did it before with my "because racecars", why not do it again?


I sourced a used 6 POT Brembo Calipers a year ago with an intent to use OEM stock floating rotors and will fit OEM 219 wheel with no spacers and most of all, FIT THE BUDGET!!!!

After a year of creative, extensive design and FEA (Finite Element analysis) thru Solidworks and precision machining and CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) check, I have the real part!
Made of aircraft grade heat treated Aluminum, hard annodized finished and reinforced the thread with high carbon thread inserts!

I designed 2 version of these,

360MM for stock E9x M3 rotors
380MM for stock F82/82 M3/M4 rotors

And best of all, these BBK route, will give you FREE FOR LIFE for consumables pads, and rotor thru FCP EURO!!

Been using the 360mm version and did daily, canyon and track. Its a night and day difference of course!

With a few $$ spared thru my BBK budget, i decided to go GIRODISC 380mm x 32mm with F80/82 M3 M4 Specs..

Parts/Part Numbers (W/ Website link) you will need:

6 Piston Brembo Calipers, Left and Right
DONOR CAR: CLS63 AMG 2007 TO 2012

- Right
-PN Number: 0034208083

-PN Number: 0034207983

For Off Road Use Only.

MLTE BBK Material kit needs modification on your Braking Systems.
SPECIFICALLY, NO WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR ANY OTHER WARRANTY IS MADE OR TO BE IMPLIED WITH RESPECT TO THIS MATERIAL KIT. In no event will MLT Engineering LLC, or its affiliates be liable for any damages, direct or indirect, consequential or compensatory, arising out of the use of this material.